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On behalf of LH Virtual Group, I would like to welcome you to a virtual airline that brings you one step closer to the simulation of the virtual reality of the German Lufthansa AG. LH Virtual Group allows you to dream of flying for LH in the place we call home - the flight simulator. LH Virtual Group uses its own Crew Intranet, we call it CrewBase. Our CrewBase offers a full flight modern Dispatch System, including weather briefing, flight planner, SimBrief, and export options. LH Virtual Group was founded in spring 2016 and planned for several months. We fly the routes of Germany's biggest airline, and their aircraft fleet - from E190 to the Airbus A380. We also offer faithful checklists to all aicraft types of the LH fleet. We also refer our flight schedules from the official LH. We take care of our pilots - no matter with what concerns!

Our flight operations:       DLH - GEC - EWG - AUA - BOX

Last updated: 27/04/2020
922 registered Pilots      6.180 completed landings      15.539 flight hours      5,590,000 miles flown.


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