CrewBase System

Pilot Center

Manage your operations in our custom CrewBase.Get an overview of what's going on in the airline, and view the latest news and recent arrivals.

Flight Search

Choose from up to 3.500 schedules of DLH, EWG and more - covered from the real life.

Flight Briefing

Brief your flights easily via the Briefing Section. You can enter your own route, or let the system calculate it for you. Flight Briefing also creates ability to adapt weights and fuel balances.

Flight Dispatch

Dispatch your briefed flight easily via the Flight Dispatch. Get a realistic and full Operational Flight Document for each flight, and export your flight-plan to fit PMDG, FSLabs or VATSIM.

Crew Mail

You can write a Crew Mail to any Crew Member in the whole airline. Your mail traffic is secure, and only you can read it.